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Arrival and Dismissal

In an effort to ensure Webster students are consistently safe and secure during arrival and dismissal periods of the school day, please review and adhere to the following school rules and/or procedures listed below:

Arrival Procedures:

  • AM Drop off by car is at the driveway to the east of the main building, to the right side of the cones. PLEASE DO NOT PARK AND LEAVE YOUR CAR IN THE DROP-OFF ZONE.
  • Always watch for pedestrians walking on the sidewalks in front of the entrance and exit to staff parking lot. No cars are permitted to be parked on Washington on either side of the school exit.
  • AM Drop-off for WALKERS ONLY is at the Pepper St gate to the west of the main building, parents must escort their children through the gate in the morning; parents may wait with their child(ren) in the designated area for each grade level (7:50am)
  • Please do not drop your child(ren) off at the school site BEFORE 7:30am as the staff are not on duty until 7:30am.
  • Students and parents must freeze when the 7:50am bell rings and wait for teachers on duty to release them to their designated areas on playground.
  • BIKES - Please do not ride bikes, scooters, and/or skateboards onto campus; there will be parents, students, and staff walking or waiting on sidewalks around the school and we don’t want an accident.
  • Bike helmets must be worn while riding a bike (STATE LAW).
  • WALK bikes or scooters onto campus to the blue bike racks, which are located next to designated car drop-off/pick-up area. Bikes and scooters must be locked at the bike rack during school day.
  • Skateboards are not permitted on school campus as students could be injured and school staff cannot secure or store them on campus safely.
  • Parents, if you are walking and then waiting with your child in the mornings, please say goodbyes at 7:50am, and then immediately exit the school campus. The gates and doors will be locked at approximately 8:15am; there will be one school building entrance opened during the school day for school visitors.
  • Please do not enter or interrupt classrooms in the morning as students are expected to immediately begin their morning work routines and teachers are busy setting up for the morning lessons, etc.
  • Any parent and/or adults entering the Daniel Webster School campus for volunteering, conferences, meetings, events, etc. must always report directly to the front office for sign-in and the issuing of a visitor’s pass by office staff.
  • NO ADULTS should ever be using any student restrooms on campus while volunteering and/or attending a school-wide event /meeting; the adult restrooms are located in main hallway across from Room 115 on the 1st floor.
  • Classroom observations by parents must be approved by principal beforehand; teachers must be given at least a 24-hour notice by principal and visitation may not take more than 25-30 minutes.
  • Any violations of school safety procedures during arrival should be reported directly to a staff member and/or school principal.


Dismissal Procedures:

  • Pick up all students in K thru 5th grades outside (not inside) the school building where the classes line up by the driveway under Pergola.
  • Parents, please do not enter building or school campus before dismissal (2:15pm) to retrieve your child from the classroom, playground, and/or hallway class line walking to the dismissal area.
  • Do NOT wait in the hallway while classes are dismissing to their designated areas as children may not be pulled from their class lines while teachers are walking with them.
  • Parent Security: there are court/custody orders that require the school site to adhere strictly to and monitor who students are picked up by during dismissal time. Any court order/custody documents must be submitted to front office staff at beginning of school year so school can notify staff members associated with child(ren) in a timely manner.
  • Foot traffic must always use sidewalks and crosswalks.
  • Dogs (pets) should not be brought onto the school campus due to student allergy concerns as well as the possibility of harm to students, staff members, and/or other parents on the school campus.
  • If you wish to park at dismissal time, please use the parking lot at St. James Methodist Church to the west of the school, NOT the Webster parking lot.
  • CARS-Pick up is located at the one way driveway off Washington Blvd for grades TK-5; wait in lane to the right and pull up to the curb; students are lined up by grade level at dismissal and will be loaded into your car quickly.
  • School Parking Lot Gates will be closed at approximately 8:15am and opened at approximately 1:45pm.
  • Drivers should pull forward as far as possible when dropping off and picking up students so that we can accommodate as many cars as possible.
  • Please be courteous and do not double-park anywhere in the parking lot, especially in the marked fire lanes as violators will be warned first and reported for continued violations.
  • Please do not pass other vehicles in the car rider line, wait your turn to pull forward, it will only take a couple of minutes.
  • Please remind your child about car rider dismissal procedures: particularly that he/she is sitting and watching closely for his/her car, then especially waiting for the car to pull as far forward as possible in the car lane as before getting into the vehicle. Children must never grab the car door handle while car is in motion at any time.
  • Students should be actively searching for their car while waiting and never playing on the field and/or rough playing in back of student line areas.
  • Students breaking rules on a consistent basis during dismissal period may be reassigned by the school staff and/or Principal to the front office waiting area.
  • Parent Parking is located at St. James Church lot on Washington Blvd;

Many parents choose to exit their cars, walk, and wait for their child at bottom of the stairwell at 2:15pm.

  • Our neighbors have requested that you consider not parking in the streets in front of their homes, especially not in front of their driveway.
  • Note that double parking in the driveway is strictly prohibited.
  • Please note the Altadena Sheriff will be checking periodically for cars parked illegally in the fire lane (red curb area next to the fence by building).
  • New safety signs for the parking lot were ordered and replaced by the school site/district several years ago.
  • BUSSES - all busses will use Washington Blvd. (Special Ed students only)
  • There is no parking and/or pick up in front of the school site for car riders
  • WALKERS - children who walk will use the fenced walkway along the west end of the driveway; no jaywalking at any time! They may not remain at the school site and play with the students in the after-school programs.
  • CLARIFICATION- The school parking lot is only for persons needing parking with a disability placard and Webster staff members during dismissal period (1:45-2:30pm).

The staff and I truly appreciate your continued assistance and cooperation with maintaining a safe campus for all our children.  Since Webster implemented new and improved safety procedures, the safety of everyone in our parking lot area during dismissal has improved, however, we need a continue effort by the entire school community to ensure safety for all students, staff, and parents. 

Please feel free to contact me at your convenience if you have further questions and/or concerns at

Kristin Forrest
Daniel Webster School