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Student Awards

Throughout the year, students are recognized for their achievement in academics and/or behavior. There are many incentives that students can strive to achieve:

Wolf of the Week:
Teachers randomly select wolf tickets from ballot box in their classrooms; students receive Wolf Tickets if they are “caught doing good” by following one or more of the three primary school rules for behavior: Be Responsible, Be Safe, and Be Respectful.

Student names are submitted to the front office; then students will be recognized on PA system by Principal at the end of week and tasked to report to office to receive award from Principal.

Perfect Attendance:
Students will only be recognized that are in attendance and on time every day during 9-week period. The student cannot be late if they earn this award at awards ceremony.

Most Improved / Super Citizenship:
These certificates are given by the classroom teachers to students who have improved and/or demonstrated good citizenship, and exemplified the character trait of the month.

Student of the Month:
Teachers at each grade level select one child who exemplifies the Character Trait of the month, as well as good citizenship, excellent academic performance and behavior, and good attendance and work habits.

Student Fundraiser Winners:
Students who are the most successful bringing in items for annual and/or monthly fundraisers throughout the school year (i.e. box tops, jog-a-thon, PTA/Annual Fund fundraisers).

Accelerated Reader Challenge:
The class that has read the most books on the grade level receives the Golden Book award to be held in their classroom until the next awards assembly.

Teachers and School Staff High Fives Award:
Staff can submit a high five hand to the front office box to recognize a colleague for good deeds and providing a reason written on each finger of their High Five Hand.

Parent High Fives Award:
PTA board will select and nominate one or two parents each month with a High Five Hand for their outstanding service to the Webster students, staff, and/or community.

Individual/Team Student Recognition Programs:

  • School/District Spelling Bee (5th grade)
  • District MLK Essay/Art Contest (4th/5th)
  • District Math Field Day (4th and 5th grade teams)
  • District Cesar Chavez Essay/Art Contest (4th/5th)
  • District Art Contest (K-5 grades)
  • Student of Year Awards (one per grade) sponsored by Masonic Lodge

STARS Lunchroom Behavior Program

DJ of the Week Lunchroom Program

Bucket Fillers of the Week Award

Monthly Student Recognition Ceremonies:
There will be a school-wide student award ceremony on the first Friday of every month beginning in September; the primary grades assembly will be held at 12:30pm and the intermediate grades assembly will be held at 1:00pm.