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Sage Garden Project

Daniel Webster is fortunate to have the Sage Garden Project as our partner.  We have a master gardener, Ms. McArthur, who teachers weekly gardening and cooking lessons to Webster students.  Students learn about growing and maintaining a garden through these hands-on lessons in our beautiful school garden.  Students also learn to prepare snacks and meals with the fruits and vegetables that they grow.  We appreciate the Sage Garden Project for their support in building our program, and our Parent Garden Committee who brought this gift to Webster many years ago and continue to help grow and maintain our school garden.

From Sage Garden Project:

Why Have Gardens in Schools? 

Gardens are outdoor science labs that provide hands-on, experiential, next generation science standards (NGSS) aligned with learning about everything from seasons and botany to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). In the garden classroom, students are taught regenerative and sustainable methods for growing food while taking care of the earth. With the higher than ever need to focus on social and emotional learning, the garden fosters time for calm observation and reflection. 

Research shows, and we are working to collect evidence, that Garden & Cooking programs:

  • Increased student preference and willingness to try fruits and vegetables.
  • Improved social and emotional capacity in students.
  • Increase student attendance on regularly-scheduled garden days.
  • Boost student acceptance of nutritious school lunch options, including salad bar offerings.