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PBIS Recognition and Rewards

Positive Behavior Intervention Support

School-Wide Recognition and Reward Systems: Creating a Positive School Culture

Why implement a school-wide system of recognition and rewards?

It is common to focus on punishing or stopping disruptive behavior, but students with challenging behaviors will not make meaningful educational progress unless they are taught skills that increase their ability to function successfully in the school.

Research has shown that posting rules alone will have no effect on student misbehavior, but when teachers and staff were instructed to teach school rules, “catch students doing good,” and ignore minor inappropriate behaviors, problem behaviors drop dramatically.

With School-Wide Recognition System implementation, the school expects the following results to occur:

  • Improvement in academic achievement
  • Increased school engagement
  • Decrease in problem behaviors
  • Consistency among adults to pay attention to good behaviors (not the bad)

Key Features of School-Wide Recognition System:

  • System is designed for ALL students: Research has shown public display and delivery of recognition has powerful modeling effect
  • Give public recognition to model for other students: When students see their peers recognized for good behavior, they will be motivated to display the same behaviors
  • Use recognition and rewards that students, staff, and families want: Recognition should be meaningful to students (social, tangible, or activity)
  • Recognition of teachers and staff as well: Teachers and staff can also benefit from recognition and “surprises” for their hard work and participation in the program
  • Increased recognition before difficult times (ie. Winter break, spring break, summer break, etc.)
  • Awards can be delivered unpredictably (you never know when you get a surprise!)
  • Re-teach behaviors if things don’t go well: No one is perfect, as problem spots are noted, use rule teaching moments and increase positive reinforcement and monitoring

School-Wide Student Recognition: Wolf Ticket Procedures

  • Teachers and staff receive Wolf Tickets in mailboxes every week
  • Staff will target all forms of behavior (Safety, Responsibility, Respect):Staff Members must “Catch them doing good” -- students cannot ask for a wolf tickets.
  • Wolf Tickets can be given to any student for one or more targeted common areas of the school site.
  • All Wolf tickets are collected in a basket in the main office.
  • Administration will announce all Wolf ticket winners from each classroom on Mondays.
  • Students chosen may pick a prize during their recess or lunch recess time.

School Staff and Parent Recognition: Pats on the Back-You Rock Procedures:

  • All teachers and staff will receive HIGH-FIVE HANDS in mailboxes each week.
  • Staff may recognize any colleague and/or parent for hard work, participation, and/or assistance at school site
  • HANDS with name w/ compliment(s) on it are returned to You Rock! Blue mailbox in staff mailroom.
  • Principal will draw HIGH FIVE HANDS randomly from box monthly; there will be one classified and instructional staff member recognized from drawing at awards assembly each month (usually the 1st Friday of the month).
  • There will be at least one parent recognized on a monthly basis at the student award assemblies.
  • Rewards will be determined by administration each month (ie. comp time, principal parking space, treats, coffee)
  • 4:1 Rule -- Research shows that when people have at least four positive interactions with one another for each negative or corrective interaction, the following occurs:

Work productivity increases

Absenteeism decreases

Job satisfaction increases

Appropriate behavior increases

Disruptive and inappropriate behavior decreases

Relationships between people improve