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Learning Philosophy and Curriculum

Our learning philosophy at Webster is based on our commitment to motivate and educate all of our students to achieve higher levels than ever before.  We strive to provide a quality educational environment comprised of powerful teaching and learning to enable all Webster students to succeed in school, college, careers and life.  

Webster’s instructional staff teaches to the Content Standards from the California State Department of Education.  Designed to encourage the highest level of achievement in each student, these state-wide standards define the knowledge, concepts and skills that students should acquire in specific subjects at each grade level.  

A basic outline of the curriculum used in our classrooms at Webster follows.  More specific, grade level information may be found in our main school office, or online on the California Department of Education’s website,

English Language Arts:  Every PUSD student receives daily instruction in English Language Arts, which includes reading, writing and comprehension.  Webster, along with all other PUSD elementary schools, uses materials that have been proven to be effective for teaching students with diverse learning styles. 

Mathematics:  The PUSD math curriculum is based on California Content Standards. Math classes focus on instruction, guided practice, independent practice and assessment. Webster uses Ready Math and iReady (digital pathway), which have been effective in raising student achievement. Students learn computational and procedural basic skills, conceptual understanding and problem solving.

Science:  The Kindergarten-5th grade science program is aligned with the California standards and introduces students to facts, concepts, principles, theories and experimentation skills through Physical, Earth and Life Science instruction. 

History: History and Social Science are taught according to California State standards.  Students in grades K-3 learn themes of citizenship, patriotism and community.  In fourth grade, they are taught California history and in 5th grade, they learn United States history. 

Physical Education:  Because of Daniel Webster’s longtime participation in the Governor’s Fitness Challenge, physical education, active lifestyles and good nutrition are priorities.  Students at every grade level participate in PE three times a week, on a rotating schedule.  Good nutrition is emphasized in the classroom through our partnership with Kids for a Healthy California.   

Gifted And Talented Education:  GATE is a program for students identified as academically talented.  At Webster, these students are placed in a class with a GATE certified teacher.  This environment is designed to provide them with instruction that keeps them challenged and engaged and enables them to excel academically.  Currently, all students are tested for the GATE Program at the end of second grade.  

English Language Learners:  Students who are identified as English Language Learners are provided with additional educational resources to assist them in their acquisition and mastery over the English language. Parents/Guardians should contact their child’s teacher for more information on services available for English Language Learners and their families.