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Volunteer Opportunities



Volunteer Handbook - English  //  Volunteer Handbook - Spanish
Volunteer Application - English  //  Volunteer Application - Spanish
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Now that the kids are in school, you may have a few free hours a day, or maybe just a few minutes to squeeze into your busy week, but no matter what your schedule looks like, you can help out at Webster. There are tons of ways to make our fantastic school an even better place for our kids. After all, it’s where they spend most of their time!

If you want to help out with your child’s class… sign up to be a ROOM PARENT
You can work with your child’s teacher by:

  • Making copies, compiling homework packets, and other classroom jobs
  • Making holidays and classroom celebrations fun
  • Gathering needed supplies
  • Communicating with other parents in your class

If you would like to help at recess… be part of PLAYGROUND ASSISTANCE
You can be a kid again by:

  • Bringing jump ropes, bouncy balls or other playground equipment to play games with the kids before school
  • Volunteering at lunch to help younger kids open milk cartons and at recess to play games with the kids

If you love to throw parties and organize events… be part of our HOSPITALITY TEAM
You can help organize food and decorations for our many social events: 

  • Kindergarten & New Families Welcome party
  • Back-to-School Social
  • Staff “Welcome” Lunch and Staff Appreciation Week
  • “Boo Hoo-Woo Hoo” Coffee on the first day of school
  • Grandparents Day & Sweetheart luncheons
  • Decorate the auditorium for the Holiday Program 
  • Stargazing parties
  • June Promotion (5th Grade)

If you’re great at raising money, we need your help with... FUNDRAISING
You can put your talents to work by helping with our many fundraisers:

  • Paint booths, help get prizes, find donations for our FALL Festival 
  • Help organize our Copy Paper/Supply drives
  • Sell Thanksgiving Gobble Grams
  • Help count Box Tops
  • Help organize the Pancake breakfast
  • Grants (researching / writing)

If you are concerned about safety, help with… EARTHQUAKE PREPAREDNESS
You can help keep our kids safe in an emergency by:

  • Taking inventory, updating, and restocking our Earthquake supplies

If you’re handy or have a green thumb, join our... BEAUTIFICATION team
You can work on:

  • Quarterly Saturday workdays for large projects
  • Small projects around school
  • Picking up trash
  • Sweeping
  • Keeping our plantings and school garden beautiful 

If you love books… help out in the LIBRARY or at BOOK FAIRS
You can help organize books by:

  • Setting up and helping out with our quarterly book fairs
  • Helping to label our library and classroom books for Accelerated Reader  

If you want to save the Earth, you can!... We’re RECYCLING at Webster
You can help our kids learn more about ecology by:

  • Collecting and counting cans during our recycling drives
  • Helping with collection and recycling of classroom paper

If you love photography, you can help with… MONTHLY AWARDS
You can help recognize kids who receive citizenship and scholarship awards by:

  • Taking their pictures at monthly awards ceremonies 
  • Placing photos on the recognition boards
  • Distributing Box Top photos to each room
  • Distributing previous month’s photos to students
  • You can also help create and design our STAFF PICTURE BOARDS

Other jobs…

  • If you love to organize, you can help keep our PARENT CENTER neat & tidy by organizing cupboards, keeping supplies stocked, and cleaning up after events.
  • If you just want to chill out with some music and do data entry, help maintain the VOLUNTEER HOURS binder or help with MEMBERSHIP.
  • If you can’t stand piles in the hallway, you can take control of our LOST AND FOUND by hanging up clothes, keeping track of lost items, and helping them find their owners!   
  • If you only have time on the weekends or here and there in the afternoons, you can volunteer for SPECIAL EVENTS like our Fall Festival or our Pancake Breakfast. 
  • If you’re crafty, you can design our GIVING TREE board and organize our TEACHER WISH LISTS.  
  • If you know of a great extra-curricular program in anything from science to Spanish, art to woodworking, dance to drumming, cooking to basket weaving. Help organize our AFTER SCHOOL electives.  

So, jump in! Your help is wanted and welcome. We are always open to ideas, suggestions and comments. You can reach us via email at