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Cafeteria Procedures

Cafeteria Procedures and Behavior Plan

Eating Lunch with Your Child:

Parents are permitted to eat lunch with their child, but must adhere to the following procedures:

  • Check in at the office prior to your child's scheduled lunch time.  
  • Meet their child in cafeteria and sit at designated guest tables located in another area of cafeteria throughout their lunchroom visit.  
  • Are only permitted to eat with their child FOR 30 minutes.

In an effort to maintain a safe and orderly environment, Daniel Webster Elementary students follow the “RockSTARS” cafeteria behavior plan. To ensure an enjoyable breakfast and lunch for all students, please review these rules with your child:

Daniel Webster School Cafeteria Rules:

I will help my class earn a STAR by following 5 simple rules listed below:

  • S taying in my seat
  • T alking quietly to my neighbors
  • A lways using good table manners
  • R aising my hand for help
  • S itting “flat” on my bottom

Daniel Webster School Cafeteria “RockSTARS” Award:

  1. Students will earn a STAR to represent their ability to follow cafeteria rules.
  2. A designated number of stars will earn a class reward of eating outside for lunch.

Parents, please help us enforce better manners and behavior in the cafeteria by reminding your child to:

  • Remain seated and keep their hands and feet to themselves and out of the aisles.
  • Raise their hands for assistance.
  • Use the restrooms only in an emergency and using the sign-out and sign-in.
  • Remove trash from the table and under the table and deposit all of it in the trashcan.
  • Eat only your own food (no trading or sharing).

Students who do not follow the rules or create a behavior problem may be separated from their class. Repetitive behavior may result in a discipline referral.